Saturday, February 28, 2009

Second Grade

Second graders have been working with the program Kerpoof. Kerpoof allows the user to create pictures, stories, movies and more. Students earn coins for the work they complete which they can use to upgrade their avatar or purchase new tools. All work is saved to their log-in, so feel free to take a look.

Drawing pictures is simply done by using tools located on to the left of the palette and images from the right. Students drag images onto the palette which can then be resized and rotated. Text and banners can be added to help define the work they are creating. Students could also choose to create they own illustations by using the drawing tools to the left.

If they find characters/icons that they really like they can be kept in their backpack for use in other areas of the program.

Creating movies is a bit more complicated, but worth the effort. Students begin by choosing a storyline which will load scenes based on the theme. Students can then select the opening scene and begin their work. Additional scenes can be added until the story is complete.

When creating a scene, students select characters and the drag them onto the palette. They then can add actions, by placing them on the timeline. This process can continue until all the action is set for the scene.

In addition students can create cards, print documents as coloring pages that can be reworked, modify their avatar and more.

All second graders have usernames and passwords that were generated here at school, so if your child has forgotten their log-in information, please contact me.


  1. Our son loves Kerpoof and has used it for amongst other things making his Valentines cards, sending pictures to his Grandma's.
    We seem to have problems with Kerpoof locking our computer and then we have to restart everything. I think it is to do with the security software we use. Is anybody else experiencing problems with this?

  2. Our son really loves Kerpoof; he has used it for all sorts of projects, including making his Valentines cards and making artwork to send to his grandma's.
    We find that after a while Kerpoof seems to lock up the screen and then we have to restart everything. I think it has to do with the security software we are using, is anybody else experiencing similar problems?